Taemin’s fear of bugs results in hilarious physical comedy

On August 30th, SHINee (sans Onew) performed at the 2014 Chuncheon International Leisure Sports Festival and delighted fans with performances of “Beautiful”, “Sherlock”, “Colorful”, and “Everybody”.

It seemed like yet another exciting night to see SHINee perform live once again, until a big bug decided to grace the stage during the performance of “Sherlock”. Taemin has long been known to have an absolute dislike for bugs, and it still stays true to this day. The usually charismatic and electrifying dancer succumbed to his fear of the flying, six-legged creature and was unable to perform the choreography for a few moments.

When the time came for SHINee to address the audience, one of the festival’s staff went up the stage to pass a water bottle to Taemin, only to have him cringe back in fear as he mistook the harmless water bottle for the big insect. Taemin’s few acts of unintentional physical comedy induced laughter from not only the fans in the audience, but his fellow members as well.

Check out the hilarious fancam below!


Written by: debsayys @ shineee.net